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A potential new revenue stream

I sent an email off to Etsy. I was worried about whether what I was contemplating would fly with them under their handmade rules:
I want to sell my photos, printed as postcards and greetings cards at, signed by me and then with description and © information added on a sticker or by hand before me collating them into sets of, e.g. 6 different images and bagging them as a 'pack'.
Will this be allowed via Etsy? I will have taken the photos myself and made the (admittedly commercially printed cards) into sets/packs by hand and further modified them.

They have just replied and it looks like I have a probable outlet for my postcards and greetings cards!
We understand that it can be very hard for many artists to print their own work, so we allow for a third party to be involved with this step. Please just don't use drop shipping, have all the items sent to you, then you ship to the buyer and everything will be fine!

Now I just need to pull my finger out and do it!
So - can people think of other items (e.g. from photobox) than postcards (sets and singles), greetings cards (sets and singles) and maybe calendars that I could consider as future 'product lines' that you might like to buy? Any other thoughts/ideas?
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